Play Lottery Online, Lottery Online Ticket

Below you have access to “THE LOTTER” which is an online lottery agent. Here you can buy lottery tickets to most of the world’s available institutions, from the Powerball lottery online, to mega millions lottery or the euro millions lottery or the famous “Gordoba” Spanish cash prizes to Florida lotto tickets.

I have been playing online with “The Lotter” since 2006 without any incident. The more I play, the cheaper the tickets become, as I get discount on the volume! See for yourself on the video I posted below.

Play Lottery Online

I recorded a video showing you how I play lottery online and actually buy a lottery on-line ticket!

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YouTube Direktplay lottery online

If you prefer a better quality video, you can look at it here: I buy a lottery ticket online

Lottery Online Ticket Advantages:

  1. Never “forget” to play lottery online again.
  2. Never forget to check your ticket.
  3. Never lose the ticket or get it stolen.
  4. Irrefutable proof of ownership (credit card statement).
  5. Never miss a draw.
  6. Subscribe and unsubscribe when convenient.
  7. Play lottery online world wide.
  8. Fidelity bonuses.
  9. Keep track of play history.
  10. Keep track of spending.
  11. Multiple combination possible (improving odds) in most institutions.
  12. 100% legal
  13. Safe and secure encrypted connection
  14. Get a message (see below) when you won!
  15. Take a look at unclaimed prizes…edifying to say the least!!

And before I forget, that game I played in the video was good for a small prize as well!

The advantage is that you receive an email confirmation of your participation to that particular draw and that you can print it out if you wish, although I never do it myself:

Winning Prize Message

After the draw, it is always nice to get an email like the one below to start one’s day, even though it is only a small prize. The email text is an example from another, more recent win, should the sharp eyed among my readers notice the very obvious contradiction.

Winning Prize eMail

If you want to take a look at the website where you can play, right-click your mouseĀ  while you hover over the page and open the page in a new tab…

This is a fabulous idea to participate in lottery online draws for absolutely nothing:

Create a neighborhood lottery online player group. Find 5 or 6 people who play regularly and invite them to buy their tickets online through your account.

By grouping the players you will spend more money online and your discounts will become more important, up to the point where you will be able to say to all players that their tickets will be 10% CHEAPER than buying them through the local outlet.

Your own credits will allow you to play weekly for free and you will also be able to participate in the agent’s promotion draws.