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The Lotter Scam

by Theo on June 19, 2012

Is “The Lotter” a scam?

Since joining “The Lotter” in 2006 as a user and player many people have been asking me the question about “the lotter scam” over and over again.

It is a legitimate question.

By my experience, definitely no, the online lottery agency known as “The Lotter” is not a scam, it is 100% legit.

These people are hard workers and they provide an excellent service.

As a matter of fact, with “The Lotter”, there are numerous advantages to be gained. So many, that some countries even created laws to prevent them form operating on their territory because that would hurt the business of local lottery ticket sellers.

Of course, as lottery agency they need to make a profit and they will charge a small fee when you participate in lotteries you can’t play because they are not represented in your own country. A European who wants to buy a Powerball ticket can either fly to the United States or log on to his “Lotter” account and save the price of the flight and the stay.

So no, there is no such thing as “the lotter scam” if you go with this official lotteries agency.

As shocking as this is against the principle of free enterprise and commerce, it is also understandable. On second look, it would even be logic to suppose this is being done to prevent tax evasion schemes, as it is a well known practice in some countries to launder unsavory obtained funds by going on the market to buy winning lottery tickets. By allowing people to play online, they lose part of the control they are used to having.

You pay the winner a premium in cash on top of the winning amount in exchange for his winning ticket and there you have it, you can suddenly “explain” the source of income to tax authorities, which sometimes is good enough to call off fraud squad investigations.

This side note aside, getting yourself organized to place your lottery bets through “The Lotter” is not a bad move.

The player interface is not the simplest around, but overall, they deserve high marks, especially if you have a regular budget.

As a regular player, your fees will become a lot cheaper, in other words, you’ll be able to place your bets for less money.

For that, you must spend around $400/month and it gains you “Gold VIP member” status. This is good for amazing discounts.

If you are a bit of an entrepreneur, you can also find 10 local people who want to participate in one of the available major lotteries and the trick is done, you can get the tickets with a large discount, so the price will go down significantly.

With lotteries such as Megabucks, Euromillions, Eurojackpot or Mega Millions you are guaranteed some of the highest payouts that lotteries provide.